Friday, March 2, 2012

Brotherly Love

"A long time ago, before Beasty came into the possession of a certain loving mistress, he and his brother spent their days living in a small store, waiting to be sold.

Most of those days would start off the same way, with Beasty -- having been raised to be an obedient and subservient beast -- becoming both snack and plaything for his brother (whose more 'free-range' upbringing led him to take advantage of Beasty's submissive nature at every opportunity. And given how often their owner would keep said Beasty tied up or strapped into various milking contraptions, those opportunities were more than plentiful! ;3)"

A little Barnyard Beasty prequel sketch/backstory idea I had to work out of my system =P will prolly move this to scraps later on because lol shitty anatomy!

Also wahoo, first guy-on-guy pic and it's also delicious twincest! Two birds with one stone!

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