Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Demon's Captive

UPDATE: This comic is now available as a High Res PDF! All 8 pages of high resolution (1100 x 1650 pixels) milking action, for just $3 -- you can purchase through Paypal via the store segment to the right -->
(The comic will still be available to view below at a much smaller size, but your contribution will not only get you all the high resolution sexiness, it will also help support a hungry artist and encourage them to keep drawing dirty pictures! =P)

Commission from J-Cal on Hentai Foundry. Figured I'd upload it in full here as well!

It was a lot of fun to work on, and I actually learned quite a bit by experimenting with a few different things.

Enjoy -- and if you like it, head on over to my HF gallery to read an extra special bonus story that J-Cal wrote based on the finished comic (located in the description below each page)!


  1. Good day, just ran into your comics and have to say that they're extremely hot. Any chance of continuing the comic where she grows his cock/balls extremely huge and extracts more from him? The long tongue is so hot, especially coupled with the prostate massages :)

    1. Hey, thanks!
      Since those characters belong to the commissioner, that'd be entirely up to him =P I know he does have plans for future installments in this series, but I don't think any kind of expansion stuff is on the cards just yet!
      Extracting more from him, though? Oh yeah, plenty of that ;D

  2. mmmmh good, very hot